Wednesday, March 24, 2010


hello everybody~
it's me... again~
it's Wednesday.. what a hectic day.. hmmm

i just attend a forum about retail pharmacy
the forum was very interesting..conducted by 3 panels.. one of the is my adopted bro :)
*nice to see you bro*

hmm since i decided to join pharmacy school, my dad always say
"angah, nnt dah kerja nnt, bukak kedai farmasi eh.. modal semua abah tanggung.. bukak dekat area melake*
but honestly i said
i'm not a business minded person
i'm not the kind of person that able to take a risk in business
maybe that's why,
i always just smile when my dad keep reminding me about his dream..
never come across my mind to open my own pharmacy
but who knows
maybe after i graduated, i might change my mind
i hope
whatever decision i make afterward
is the best decision for me~


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