Friday, October 16, 2009

~my first crazy story~

so glad being at my home. nothing shall be compared to my home.. HOME SWEET HOME..lalalala.. exam is just around the corner , so now is the only chance for me to see my family..seeing their face really lighten my burden.. you know, with all the assignments, lab reports, tests.. bla bla bla..i can get brain damage in 1 month.. hehe.. seriously..

last few week, i saw this advertisement.. wowww.. im waiting for this event for a past few months.. and now, it will be held in puncak alam.. im getting excited so i told all my house mates about it but it seems that they do not interested in it.. hmmm.. i know why.. i had met so many people that are terrified with it.hehe.. it is nothing la, i said.. after a few minutes conversation, i still can’t persuade them.. hehe.. never mind then it’s okay, i will attend it alone.

the next morning, i decided not to fast.. hoooo.. i don’t want the last year incident to happen. i almost collapse in front of a bus stop.. luckily there is a few students in uitm shah alam holding my hand..hehehe.. thanks for them.. *luckily my mum didn’t know about it* hihi my class ended at 1230pm then i quickly went to the cafeteria to get my lunch.. a plate of rice with fried chicken and vege is enough for me to gain back my energy for the event.. after gaining my energy.. hahahaha.. i went to fsk faculty to attend the event, hoo.. suddenly i felt my adrenaline pumping~ huuuu.. it been so long since my last_ _ _.. the room is full with student from 3 faculties..and im so glad to see some of my classmate also joining this event..huuu.. now i feel more confident..

hmmmm.. you must be wondering.. what event is it? hmmmm

actually.. it’s a BLOOD DONATION DAY..

haha.. someone ask me, *why you so excited to donate your blood? it painful you know.. just take a look at the needle.. OMG.. i swear, i won’t donate my blood* hahahaha.. then i replied *actually this is my fourth donation, and for your information, it not painful as you think*..sometime, i also ask myself why why why... why i get so excited with it? hmmm lemme think.. maybe because

1) i love to challenge myself with crazy things..hahaha.. just ask my mooo.. she knows everything..haha

2) actually during my blood donation, the nurse told me that blood donation can slow aging~ woww.. women must be so excited to hear this... you don’t need your vitamin c, anti aging cream..bla bla bla.. which cost you thousand ringgit and for those who didn’t know, BLOOD DONATION IS FREE!!!

3) the main reason i donate my blood because i think this is the least thing i can do to help others..just imagine, your relative or family accident, and the blood bank is empty, then you still don’t want to donate your blood? That shows how selfish you are…hmmmm

now, I’m thinking of doing organ transplant.. i know you must think I’m crazy.. ha ha.. but i really serious about it and i hope my parent and future husband understand it. That the best think i can do to help others..


mardhiyah said...

thia mmg sorng dak gila.. hahaha.. ;P kte nak try donate blood tp berat tak ckup 45kg *sigh****

thia said...

haha~ tu yang kene makan steroid lebeh2 tu~ :P

NajNad said...

today's paper said: orang melaka adalah orang paling banyak menderma darah di malaysia...

(Abang Ib nie...)

izzati said...

hello thia.
didnt know u r a blogger too.happy blogging.
this time pny blood donation a lil bit nightmare skit sbb cucuk 2 kali and the first one tu still effect my right hand *sigh*

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